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Every dancer will be the STAR of their own show!!


Each dancer gets to invite up to 4 VIP guests to this memorable experience.


Step 1: Arrival

Dancer’s will arrive in their costumes with hair and make-up complete.  They will make their way down the red carpet into the lobby.


Step 2: Paparazzi Corner

The dancer and guests can take pictures on the red carpet. 

Then the dancer will have pictures taken by Miss Tawny in the dance room.


Step 3: Performance

The VIP guests will take a seat and watch the dancer perform their routine(s)!  The instructor will be there to guide them through the dance and cheer them on!  Parents will be able to take as many pictures and videos of their big performance as they would like!

Step 4: Celebration

Dancer’s will receive an award for their fabulous performance!

VIP guests can bring flowers, balloons, etc to reward them for their performance.

The Red Carpet Recital Experience will happen June 22nd – 28th. 

The schedule will be posted the week of May 25th.

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