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  • The curriculum is designed for the student who enters at the beginning of the school year and studies throughout.

  • Fall Session: September - December

  • Recital Session: January - June

    • This is our big production (costumes, theater, etc). More information to come regarding the recital!

  • Summer Session: June - August



  • All payments are due by the first lesson of the month.

  • Credits are not given for missed classes, holidays or studio closures.

    • Months of 3, 4 and 5 weeks are charged the same

    • Months of 2 weeks will be charged differently for the shorter month.

  • A Registration Fee of $10.00 per child ($5 each additional sibling) is required at sign-up.

    • Registration fee is waived when you take classes consecutively.

  • Payments not received by the 10th will be subject to a $10 Late Fee.

  • Returned Check Fee is $15.

  • You will receive $5 off your next month's tuition for each friend referral who registers for classes. 

    • They must give me your name in order to receive the credit.  

    • You will receive the referral credit after the new student has paid for registration and a month's tuition.

  • New students who join mid-month will have their first month’s fees pro-rated.

  • Each student who is participating in a performance may need to purchase a costume, shoes and tights for each class.

    • Accounts must be current and all fees paid before students may receive costumes or participate in performances.

  • All payments to All-Star Dance Academy are non-refundable.



  • Dropping a class:

    • Parents must submit in writing 5 days before the 1st of the dropped month.

    • Failure to attend classes without a notice does not eliminate the financial obligation to pay tuition for the month.

    • Notifying us will free up a space for someone on the waiting list, allowing them to join at the beginning of the month.

  • Adding and Transferring a class:

    • Parents must approve the add/transfer class with the Academy (for space, age and level requirements)

    • If adding a class in the middle of a month, the student will be pro-rated the remainder of the month for that additional class.



  • Make-up classes may be scheduled during non-recital months, depending on availability.

  • Make-up class must be taken within the calendar month paid for and not in the student’s regularly enrolled class.

  • Be aware that it is not always possible for us to offer more than one class a week in any given style or age group/level. If there is another class available and it is not full, we will be happy to arrange a make-up.

  • Make-up classes must be scheduled with Miss Tawny prior to arrival.

  • Private and Semi-Private Lessons: You must give 8 hours notice to receive a credit for a missed lesson.

  • If the instructor cancels class due to an emergency:

    • If it is a 4 or 5 week month: a make-up class will be offered (non-recital months), but the tuition will remain the same.

    • If it is a 3 or 2 week month: and the instructor is unable to reschedule a class make-up or find a suitable substitute, than a credit will be issued for that missed class.



  • We would prefer dancewear (leotard/fitted top, shorts/leggings/tights, and the appropriate dance shoes).

  • Absolutely no jeans allowed (shorts, pants or skirts)

  • Girls – you must wear shorts or a leotard under your skirts.

  • Shoes:

    • Dancers may purchase shoes at a local dance store.

    • No street shoes are allowed anywhere on the dance floor

    • Dance shoes should NEVER be worn outside. This will cause unnecessary wear and tear on your shoes AND tracks in dirt/germs onto the dance floor!



  • Students should use the restroom before class, not during class.

  • Never touch the mirrors or hang on the ballet barres

  • No unnecessary talking during class.

  • No running unless the instructor asks you to

  • If a student is being disruptive and/or abusive to other students or the instructor, he/she will sit out for the remainder of the class.

    • The instructor will follow-up with the parent.

    • If the behavior continues, the student will be removed from the class.



  • Please make sure dancers are on time for class. Students will be asked to observe class if they arrive late and have missed warm-ups.

  • You may observe class from the TV monitor in the lobby

    • This helps the instructor keep your child’s full attention while also eliminating any extra noise that can be distracting.

    • Due to distractions and limited space, class meetings are not an appropriate time to invite family and friends to watch the dancers.  Instead, we ask that they attend the year end Recital!



  • Good attendance is important to the learning process - You are expected to be in your assigned class each week unless an unavoidable problem arises. Excessive absenteeism will inhibit your advancement to the next level.

    • Attendance is particularly important once recital practice begins, not only so each dancer doesn’t get behind, but also because the other members are relying on your dancer for his/her role in the routine.

  • If students are ill (fever, contagious cold/flu/infection) they must stay home and rest.

  • If a student will knowingly miss class due to illness, an activity, or appointment, they should notify the Academy prior to the class by emailing:



  • All placement decisions by the instructor are based on class participation, attendance, progress, ability, and consistency. Taking session breaks will hinder your child's progress and may cause them to return at a lower level.

  • Each student has a rate at which they will progress physically and mentally. Please respect the instructor’s knowledge of where your child should be placed in each year of their dance training. A student who is placed in a class that is too difficult or a level that is not appropriate to their working ability will lose interest in their development as a dancer or hold the class back from progressing.

  • The instructor will set limits to class sizes as needed. After a class is full, All-Star Dance Academy will provide a wait list, or if the schedule allows, create a new class.

  • If 3 or less students from a class show up, the Instructor will shorten the length of that class because of the special attention and extra hard work required of each student.



  • All-Star Dance Academy reserves the right to withdraw a student from class in the event that:

    • They exhibit unsafe behavior toward themselves, our students, instructors, staff or visitors

    • They continuously fail to follow directions from an instructor or staff member

    • Non-payment or excessive late payment of fees

    • If any student or parent disregards the policies or shows inappropriate behavior

  • All-Star Dance Academy is not responsible for siblings - Siblings must remain with a parent AT ALL TIMES

  • The Academy is not responsible for students left unattended more than 5 minutes before or after class.

  • All-Star Dance Academy reserves the right to make changes to the policies and procedures at any time.

  • By completing your registration at the studio or through the parent portal, you have agreed to abide by all policies and procedures.

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